What Clients Say


❝Inspiring Leadership coach like Simon Sinek: Wholesome brand of inspiration–listen for the ‘why’ people do what they do rather than ‘what’ people do.❞

— Richard Pentella

CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, San Diego, California

❝If you are looking for someone to help you get empowered and lead and manage in new and innovative ways, then Laura is your ‘go-to’ coach.

My coaching sessions with Laura were a kind of eye opening for me that I was able to lead and manage differently.

In just four sessions, one hour each, we covered a lot of things and topics to name a few: coaching was around time management, people management, effective upward and downward management, effective communication skills, educating staff on needs of organization, cooperation and collaboration, team building, stepping into your leadership capability, coming up with new initiatives in innovative ways, motivating and trusting your team among other fun insights to engage employees. Dealing with stress to become resilient. Caring about employees, colleagues and supervisors while being able to say no when necessary.❞

— Aly Ndione

HR & Administration Analyst, United Nations Development Programme, Dakar, SENEGAL

❝My journey with Laura was very interesting and an eye opener. Setting clear milestones and realistic objectives in my professional life helped me a lot to focus on my career development and track changes in my behavior and attitudes. I can certainly recommend Laura for her patience and pragmatism: her practical tips will remain forever!❞
— Ms. Valentina Volpe

Regional Programme Specialist, Arab States Regional Office, Cairo, EGYPT

❝My experience with Laura as my life coach not only helped me to gain clarity in my life, but more importantly enabled me to connect and get clear on what was holding me back. Laura is a very empathetic coach who has the calm and grace to help weather those messy life storms that come up. I found that Laura was really great at creating the space I needed to help me focus on my goals.❞
— Terry N.

Director, Culture & Operations, Scratch (Viacom Media Networks), New York City

❝I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at a NYC retreat she co-organized for Dr. David Drake, Founder of Narrative Coaching and The Moment Institute. Her leadership and organizational abilities were instrumental to the success of the retreat! Laura’s breakout session facilitation allowed attendees the needed space to comfortably engage and experience the insights necessary for transformations to occur. Laura is a very talented coach and retreat leader!❞

— Sonja Pemberton

MA, Coach-Facilitator-Speaker (Live Your Destiny!), Georgia, USA

❝Laura is a caring and encouraging coach. She coached me to understand that all the relationships are originated from the relationship with ourselves. This new thinking opened up a new window for me to understand love, trust myself, transform myself, and to have a renewed desire for love.❞

— Alice

Harvard PhD, TECH Industry, CHINA

❝After a couple of coaching sessions with Laura, my Mom suddenly passed away. I had to fly to Poland where my family lives and was thrown into the grieving process. Laura motivated me to take exquisite care of myself to move through my grief.

I started painting and made my first ever ballerina painting. I still continue painting as it connects me with my Mom who painted as a hobby.

I did not know what to do with my career. Laura guided me to list all things I am grateful for at my job and focus on excelling at what I’m good at. In a period of 3 months, I was promoted and got a 12% salary increase. I love working with my colleagues and making a difference.

I was single. Laura encouraged me to just enjoy myself and get outdoors and do things I love to do. At one of the hikes, I met my current boyfriend. We love each other and continue to grow, travel, and support each other.

As both a life strategist and career strategist, Laura Thompson, helped me in critical times to not only survive, but also to thrive. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and support in all areas of our complex lives.❞

— Agnieszka Niebo

Budget Specialist, und for Public Health New York City, New York and POLAND

❝I have benefited a very interesting and valuable coaching from Laura. She is very professional; she knows her domain. She is flexible and devoted to help. At the professional level, I have had some issues I shared with her and she helped me to overcome them. Coaching is something she has in her blood like it’s something natural for her. Particularly, I appreciate her advice related to the way to keep myself optimistic and positive which is really relevant and I continue to practice.

With different situations, she has successfully coached and advised me. Laura has a good capacity for listening and she helps you to create and find your authentic way of leading. She also gave me guidance on how to elaborate my own vision.

I strongly recommend Laura as a coach in leadership. I wish her a successful professional and personal life!❞

— Verosoa Raharivelo

Environment Programme Officer, United Nations Development Programme CO, Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR

❝Laura’s gentle and compassionate coaching has helped me feel safe and take risks in both my personal and professional life. But that was just a beginning. Laura’s profound life experiences and human depth communicated through mindfulness and meaningful connection, have been a great demonstration of the power of narrative coaching. Simple, real, and lasting–that’s the kind of change Laura has gifted me with on this journey.❞

— Samir Selmanović

PhD PCC, Founder & CEO, WISDOM WORKROOM, Executive and Life Coach, New York City and CROATIA

❝I lead an incredibly busy and stressful life as a marketing executive, and working with Laura has been life changing. Not only did she fully grasp the demands I was under, she was extremely intuitive. Laura consistently got me to answers that I couldn’t seem to find on my own. Being in a leadership position requires a certain level of corporate acumen and Laura’s capabilities go above and beyond this understanding. In addition, she brings a global perspective that I found elevated my own aspirations of what I could achieve. I highly recommend Laura as a corporate and executive coach and for anyone in a leadership position.❞
— Katie S.

Strategy and Innovation Executive, New York City