Serial Founding CEO of startups, former Angel

Leadership Coach,
Strategic Advisor,

Advocate for Social Justice

❝ Laura’s messages need to be heard..❞ — CNN Journalist on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS team

Compassionate Leadership

Access FREE Laura’s chapter from ThinkBig! and learn about how her personal journey across the world led to her insight: “It’s time to embrace our whole selves, respect human dignity, lead with compassion, and improve unity in global diversity.”

Conscious Leadership Coach

Co-creating sustainable solutions.

Social Impact Advisor

Strategies for the triple bottom line: profits, people, and the planet.


Edutaining and inspiring people of all ages from diverse cultures.

Meet Laura

Laura is known as an award-winning author, conscious leadership coach, social impact advisor to CEOs of global companies, NGOs, and nonprofits, board director, and humanitarian. Through her coaching and advisory services, she co-strategizes with her clients’ sustainable solutions.

She brings to the table a coaching mindset of what needs to emerge by tapping the inner wisdom of leaders at companies to cultivate conscious leadership and mindful communication that increases employee engagement, motivation, and the triple bottom line: profit, people, and the planet.

As a social impact and strategic communications advisor, Laura incorporates the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, B Corps criteria, and the Environmental, Social and Governance investment strategies as a means to perpetuate sustainable thinking in business, government, and civil society. Clients have ranged from the Fortune 50 to Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide.

Her entrepreneurial spirit to help people and organizations in the public and private sectors succeed worldwide is demonstrated by a can-do attitude. In 2021, she co-founded the Center for Asia Leadership Coaching Council (CAL) based on Harvard-developed methodology and is part of the teaching faculty. CAL has a regional footprint in Asia. Additionally, at the Asia Leadership Conference 2020 whereby Former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and President George W. Bush were the keynote speakers on rebuilding global leadership for the next 100 years, Laura felt honored to be a speaker on resilience during crucible times. The conference reached a worldwide audience.

Living the dream, Laura’s also an award-winning author, poet, screenwriter, and stage-produced playwright. She considers herself a global citizen having lived and worked as an American Expat for two thirds of her life on three different continents as well as having traveled to 80+ countries.

She has a post-graduate diploma from INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France, received her MA in International Relations and International Political Economy from Boston University in Paris, France, and earned her BA in Finance at Simmons University in Boston.

Connect with author, coach, and senior advisor Laura Thompson, MA, for her coaching and advisory services for individuals, groups, and companies. She specializes in conscious leadership development, strategic communications, creative foresight thinking, and social impact strategies.

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What Clients Say

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❝Inspiring Leadership coach like Simon Sinek: Wholesome brand of inspiration–listen for the ‘why’ people do what they do rather than ‘what’ people do.❞

— Richard Pentella


❝Laura is a caring and encouraging coach. She coached me to understand that all the relationships are originated from the relationship with ourselves. This new thinking opened up a new window for me to understand love, trust myself, transform myself, and to have a renewed desire for love.❞

— Alice

Harvard PhD, China

❝My journey with Laura was very interesting and an eye opener. Setting clear milestones and realistic objectives in my professional life helped me a lot to focus on my career development and track changes in my behavior and attitudes. I can certainly recommend Laura for her patience and pragmatism: her practical tips will remain forever!❞

— Ms. Valentina Volpe

Regional Programmer Specialist, Egypt

❝The path of Laura and mine crossed during the Masterclass Adaptive Leadership Programme through the Center for Asia Leadership which involved personal and professional coaching sessions for participants. In the course of self-leadership sessions, Laura coached me on powerful mindful communication techniques. She shared principles of corresponding with others in mindful ways including setting an intention of being aware, non-judgmental and to treat with empathy. It’s been great learning from Laura! She is kind, inspiring, articulate, a great listener and overall, a really amazing person! Happy to have crossed paths with Laura!❞

— Kavitha Thavanayagam

Industrial Relations Manager, Malaysia

❝My experience with Laura as my life coach not only helped me to gain clarity in my life, but more importantly enabled me to connect and get clear on what was holding me back. Laura is a very empathetic coach who has the calm and grace to help weather those messy life storms that come up. I found that Laura was really great at creating the space I needed to help me focus on my goals.❞

— Terry N.

Director, Culture & Operations, New York City

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Governing Board Member Experience and Advocate for Social Justice

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and Advocate for Social Justice –