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Coaching Expertise

  • Transformational Transitions
  • Effective Communications
  • Influence, Visibility, Executive Presence
  • Pathways to Agile Leadership
  • Global Performance/Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Strategic Advisory Capabilities

  • Social Impact Strategies
  • Strategic Communications and Thought Leadership Writer
  • Creative Foresight Imagineering
  • Futures Thinking
  • Being Part of the Revolution: NFTs – Art, Philanthropy, and Social Justice

Workshops, Seminars & Guest Lecturer

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Values-based Team Empowerment
  • Mindful Communication
  • Scaling Roadmap for Social Enterprises (9 to 12-month program)
  • NFTs- Art, Philanthropy, and Social Justice


  • Individuals
  • High-Performing Managers to Senior Decision Makers
  • C-Suite
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Fortune 500
  • Entrepreneurs


Amazing Benefits That Fit Your Needs

Coaching is for everyone

Conscious leadership and mindful communication drives self-awareness, empathy, and compassion—skills necessary to successfully lead yourself, others, and organizations creating a better world.

Adaptive coaching fits your needs

Navigating difficult challenges, managing difficult conversations, increasing your influence to optimally perform and achieve your goals, including leadership promotions within your company locally, nationally, or globally with a 100% success rate.

Lead consciously with social impact

Over 10 years’ experience co-creating sustainable strategies with CEOs and Founders of nonprofits, NGOs, and family-owned businesses working towards achieving one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the triple bottom line: profits, people, and the planet.

Purpose communications

As a thought leadership writer, Laura is known as a deep thinker with intuitive foresight utilizing futures thinking, scenarios planning, and imagineering who writes short and long-form, e.g., co-author of chapters in books, articles, executive communications, and books.

NFTs, a brave new world

Explore and implement NFT longterm strategies in art, philanthropy, and social justice by being part of the revolution through Laura’s strategic partnerships. Companies are experimenting on what can be the benefits of being tied to the blockchain.

“The world economy is going to integrate NFTs into every aspect of our lives.” ~ Marc Beckman

Yes Please

Coaching & Social Impact Philosophy

Conscious Leadership

Compassion & Empathy

Mindful Communication

Respect & Human Dignity

Stewardship of the Planet

Practice Unconditional Love

Express your Gifts

Be your Best Self

Tap into Your Energy of Success

Meaningful Connection with Others

Make the World a Better Place to Live

Have Fun!